Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was uploading some pictures yesterday and found some photos over the past few months I hadn't downloaded! Some were just too cute not to share. I love Lincoln's smile. It is one of the most precious things to me. Not to mention his cute little dimples! I am so grateful for a happy son who's smile can brighten anyones day!

This one cracks me up because I was trying to get a close up of him and I said "Say Cheese!" and finally he looked at me, made this face for a few pics & then went back to playing, haha!
Max & I celebrated our 5 year Anniversary at the beginning of February! We went to PA for a 'mini-vaca' and had a really great time! My brother & his family were visiting and we loved getting to spend time with them. Best Quote of the whole trip was when Lincoln started 'talking' to my 4 year old nephew & my nephew looked surprised and exclaimed "He's speaking SPANISH!!" haha! That one will be quoted forever. On our actual anniversary day we all went to a local ski resort & went tubing for a few hours. We even got mom to join our line (you lay on your tube and hold on to each others legs) which if you know my mom, is huge! That night while Molly got a bonfire going, we left Lincoln in the hands of our family & went on a date! All. By. Ourselves! We have not made a habit of that yet, Lincoln just normally goes with us or we stay home and do something fun. It was so nice to have just "us" time. I sure love Max. I am grateful for him, our experiences together, the husband he is to me & the father he is to Lincoln. I couldn't ask for a better man to spend the rest of forever with! xo
The night nanny got home from the hospital, we got a call that the world lost & Heaven gained one amazing man. The first time I met Papa was back in 2004 when Max and I flew out East to meet each other's families. Papa took us for a spin in his golf cart around the property, he showed me pictures of his family, told stories of his childhood & made Fish Stew:) He was the grandpa I was never lucky enough to know, yet always wanted. He really was the ideal Grandpa! He was married to his beautiful wife, Grandma Grace for 68 years. They still kissed each night before bed & thanked Heavenly Father for each other in family night prayers. He was witty, humorous & always good for a nice compliment. I will be forever graful for the time we have been able to spend with Papa since moving to NC. We have been able to spend holdiays, birthdays, weekends & even a hurricane together. I loved seeing him with Lincoln, his "buddy" as Papa fondly refered to him as. Papa-we love you. You will forever be in our hearts & "we'll see you soon".
The Simmon's invited us downtown New Bern to see some farm animals. One of Lincoln's favorite words to say is "Duck". He pronounces it so distinctly and recognizes them anywhere. I thought he would be really excited to see them and a baby cow (which is called a 'mmmmm'). He was a little tired so he wasn't as enthused about them as I thought, but we still had fun and he had a good time walking up and down the sidewalks and practicing walking on different surfaces;)
He did pet the duck with a little help & didn't seem to mind it...
He didn't want to pet the cow, but did watch it and stay in the pin with it for a lil bit...
walked over to the rooster/chickens & said "duck!"...
Looking in at the actual ducks...
Balancing himself as he walked really fast...
He is funny with textures & touching things nature wise. He was drawn to the colorful flowers & reached out to touch them. He kinda stared at his hand for a second, made a face & this is him wiping his hands on his shirt...
Elyse discovered lady bugs in the flowers so we stopped to watch them crawl around...
the kids enjoyed climing and playing on the steps of this pretty church...
And we ended by going to the 'structure park'. On the way back to the cars, Elyse and Camdon tried holding Lincoln's hands to walk with him and he did not want it! He wanted to walk all by himself. It may have been partially due to his tiredness, but I think it's just the independent phase. When we were walking down to the church, he wanted me close by so he could hold my hand when he switched from grass to pavement or step over a crack or whatever, but besides that, he wanted to be on his own walking and 'running'. My little guy is definitely not a baby anymore!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New to Me!

To all my Target Fan friends out there: did you know about the Target Debit card? I guess it's been out for a little while, but I just found out about it and wanted to share!

I have seen the 5% signs up and a few visits ago I heard someone talking about loving their Target debit card. So last week while I was there I decided to ask about it. I was told that basically instead of using my debit card, I could use the target debit card instead. The benefits? I would be scoring 5% off every purchase plus, if I shop online I get the same discount & FREE shipping with ANY purchase (no minimum and no exclusions)! All I needed was a blank check-which I had-and a few minutes of my time-which I also had. One of the managers even came up and played with Lincoln while I filled out some of the info.

I know 5% isn't huge, but it will be worth it over time! I was like having a few extra high dollar coupons:)

I love saving money and had to pass it along! So if your a Target shopper, use your debit card and have a blank check, it will be worth your time on your next visit!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

September Trip to PA

The weekend after Lincoln's Birthday, we took off to PA to see some of my siblings who had flown in for a visit. It was so much fun! It was great to see the 3 youngest cousins together, (which, of course, took up most of our pictures:) I loved seeing everyone and it got us all excited for the day when maybe, just maybe, we all wont be as scattered as we are now!

Both looking at Great Nanny

Both putting cheerios in their mouth

Both reaching in front of the other for Cheerios, haha!

We got Lincoln a front facing car seat (YAY!!) and his cousin gave him some Cheerios for the full effect! (Thank you Samantha Platt for the Nautalis recommendation, we love it!)

I love this one!

Ok, this is hilarious! Josh bought all the nephews matching pj's and his only request was to get a picture with all of them together. We love Josh. No matter what, he kept a smile the WHOLE time! Almost as much as sweet little Matthew:)

Love their faces!
Thanks Uncle Josh!

Lincoln wearing his cute new outfit from Aunt Sarah Paige